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The Dali Expo is the first permanent West Coast exhibition of surrealist artist Salvador Dali. Located at the Museum of Monterey, the exhibition features the country’s largest private collection with over 580 works including lithographs, etchings, rare sculptures and tapestries. The Dali Expo’s mission is to revive Dali’s local history by showcasing his influence locally and capturing the rich history that ties him to the Monterey region.

Current Exhibitions

Dalí Work Displayed:


Dalí’s creative genius transforms into three-dimensional sculpture, bringing forth, in some respects his most famous and fantastic surrealistic images. The passion to express himself sculpturally lasted throughout his lifetime and each sculpture beholds a dalínian philosophy.Learn More »


Salvador Dalí, the suave Spanish Catalan surrealist, displays impeccable draftsmanship and haunting imagery in his work. He was well-known for his paintings, but his etchings and lithographs are just as remarkable–and can be even harder to create than a simple painting.Learn More »

Relief Works

Relief (from the Latin “relevo” to raise) is a technique whereby the sculpture remains effectively attached to its background. Creating a sculpture in relief is accomplished by chiseling away the background of a flat surface (such as wood, stone or ivory) and thus leaving the unsculpted piece – the scene – seemingly raised.Learn More »


All of the etching techniques can also be combined with each other or with other drawing or painting techniques, as Dalí often did himself, for example: wood engraving for the Divine Comedy, lithography for Don Quichotte, a combination of acid etching, lithography and wood engraving for The Art of Love, drypoint etching and serigraphy for The Alchemy of the Philosophers, etc.Learn More »

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At the Dali Expo, we are striving to enrich our neighborhood by creating a beautiful space that everyone may enjoy while touring the famous Fisherman’s wharf. Together, we hope to spark positive thought and conversation through accessible art.

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