The Dali Expo is the first permanent West Coast exhibition of surrealist artist Salvador Dali. Located at the Museum of Monterey, the exhibition features the country’s largest private collection with over 580 works including lithographs, etchings, rare sculptures and tapestries. The Dali Expo’s mission is to revive Dali’s local history by showcasing his influence locally and capturing the rich history that ties him to the Monterey region.

The Permanent Exhibition

Salvador Dalí did most of his surrealist painting and mustache twisting in his native Spain. But during the wartime 1940s, Dalí hid out in Pebble Beach, where he was a regular among the artists, illustrators and oddballs who populated old Carmel. Come explore this extensive private collection on the Fisherman’s Warf in Monterey, California.


Monterey zoo animals get Dali17 party invitation

On a recent sunny afternoon, Dmitry Piterman, founder of the Dali17 museum in Monterey, strides toward the gate of Monterey Zoo, a nonprofit zoo on River Road outside of Salinas. Beside him is Charlie Sammut, the zoo’s founder. Passing by a vending machine outside the gate, Piterman bends down and picks up a quarter off…

A world-class Salvador Dali art collection comes to Monterey

Spanish artist Salvador Dali, in his room at Hotel Del Monte, puts his “Thought Compression Chamber” over his head. He has just been asked by Samuel F.B. Morse, owner and founder of Del Monte Properties, and Herbert Cerwin, Morse’s publicist, if they can put on a party in Dali’s honor. An epic party, they say,…

Hello Dalí: Surrealist’s return to Monterey

Known for its aquarium, jazz festival, literary history and spectacular landscapes, Monterey has recently added the second-largest collection of works by Salvador Dalí in the United States to its major tourist draws. This past summer, the 15,148-square-foot former Museum of Monterey, across the plaza from California’s oldest government building, morphed into Dalí17 — a museum…


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